Are you frustrated because you are trying to be healthy but with all the restrictions you feel deprived and end up "cheating"?  

Are you tired of not feeling good about yourself?  

Are you frustrated for not being able to be consistent with your healthy habits and not seeing the results you want? 

5 Simple Habits To A Healthy & Energized Mom

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  • Simple habits you can start using today
  • How to implement habits to help you reach your health and wellness goals 
  • What could be sabotaging all your efforts 

About Your Coach Carelyn Torres is a mom of 2 boys under the age of 4, a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband, and a Certified Health Coach for moms who are totally over stressing about food and body image. Through her blog posts, community support, and coaching, she’s here to inspire you to confidently embrace your body and who you are while being an amazing example to your children. When she's not showing moms how to build a healthier body that she loves and feels amazing in it, she LOVES to spend time with family, listen and dance to latin music, go to the beach, cook, and eat Puerto Rican foods like mofongo. Start feeling amazing in your body and being unapologetically you at  

Carelyn Torres Certified Health Coach

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