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  • Do you find yourself labeling food as "good" or "bad", "healthy" or "junk"? 
  • Do you consider yourself as "being good" or "being bad" based on your food choices?
  • Do you restrict the foods that you eat out of fear of gaining weight?

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  • How to shift the way you look at food
  • How to make informed food choices and eat all the foods you love without guilt or shame 
  • How to helo your kids to have a healthy relationship with food
  • Simple and delicious meals you can prepare for the entire family
  • Simple habits you can implement to create a life and body that you love

About Your Coach

Carelyn Torres is a mom of 2 boys under the age of 4, a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband, and a Health & Lifestyle Coach who empowers moms to break free from the overwhelm of food and body image without diets, restricion, deprivations, rules. Through her emails, community support, and coaching, she’s here to inspire you to confidently embrace your body and who you are while being an amazing example to your children. When she's not empowering moms to establish simple habits that will help her create a lifestyle that she loves and build a healthy body that she celebrates and feels amazing in it, she LOVES to spend time with family, listen and dance to latin music, go to the beach, cook, and eat Puerto Rican foods like mofongo. Start feeling amazing in your body and being unapologetically you at  

Carelyn Torres Certified Health Coach

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